craftsman Vítor Querido

designer Almiro Amorim


Autumn is a beautiful wooden stool which not only reminds us the importance of preserving ancient arts, like marquetry, using them in contemporary design, but also evokes the passing of time and seasons with its falling warm-colored leaves hand placed one by one. Autumn stool was produced over two months of hard work using the ancient marquetry technique. This technique involves drawing and cutting thin wood plates, coloring and burning them. Then these wood plates are carefully placed to create the final pattern. The Carved design is a challenge to work using marquetry due to its concave and convex shapes. To achieve it, experimentation and constant reinvention of this ancient technique was vital, since marquetry is usually utilized in flat surfaces. Leaf elements were drawn in wood, cut, sculpted and then applied on the stool creating patterns able to cover the entire object. Precision and patience were decisive to maintain the repetition process needed. The master artisan Vitor Querido dedicated himself with major care and detail to this stool, its creation and design, from the start. His goal was to create a tridimensional optical illusion using and uniting wood leaves. The final result was reached after the handmade application of shellac varnish, by using a cotton or linen ball soaked in the natural varnish.


Diameter 37 cm (14.6 in)
Height 46.5 cm (18.3 in)
Weight 13kg
Cubage 0.06 m3

This part of a limited edition set.