craftsman Vítor Querido


Collage’s name says it all, evoking the assembly of several styles and eras together in a single peculiar wooden stool. Using the ancient art of marquetry, the elements are placed together as different pieces of a puzzle, creating a new pattern, which is interconnected to contemporary design. Collage was produced over two months using the ancient marquetry technique. Working, drawing and cutting wood to then apply it as a decoration form, Master Vitor, experienced in restoration, created a collage of several decorative elements of different styles and eras. The Carved design is a challenge to work using marquetry due to its concave and convex shapes. To achieve it, experimentation and constant reinvention of this ancient technique was vital, since marquetry is usually utilized in flat surfaces. Collage was created with the reinvention of symbolic elements of several artistic styles in a wood surface, cut and applied to cover on the final piece.


Diameter 38.5 cm (15.1 in)
Height 45.5 cm (17.9 in)
Weight 9kg
Cubage 0.07 m3

This part of a limited edition set.