Ethereal Garden

murano glasswork

craftsman Salviati

designer Joaquim and Marco Costa


Ethereal Garden is a unique and exclusive stool created using the highest quality glass from the Italian Murano island. It is the reinvention of ancient techniques, such as glass blowing and glasswork, in a contemporary design, inspired by natural elements. The ancient technique of glass blowing brought to us Ethereal Garden with an interior made of molten glass, carefully modeled to nurture the floral elements. This masterpiece handles concepts like extreme delicacy and lightness. Glass is almost an ethereal material in the magically talented hands of Florentine master artisans. The shape of this stool is very unusual for a glasswork, so the challenge developed from it. For a while, it was considered impossible to surpass, even by the Murano’s workshops excellency. However, after true dedication and a long process of trial and error, without giving up, the master artisans were finally able to dominate glass and subdue it into a Carved design. First, three master artisans were needed just to put 40 kg of silica into the kiln. Then, the shape of the artwork was achieved by blowing hot glass and sculpting, once again with the help of several artisans to handle the dimensions and weight of it. Using ancient and traditional techniques glass was heated, turned, molded and blown, through a thin iron pipe. After three attempts and a week dedicated to the repetitive process of heating and molding glass while it rotates, this final and unique masterpiece was achieved, after cooling. The challenge was so demanding that the Florentine master artisans had to change the initial proposed dimensions to be able to transform this conceptual piece into reality. Ultimately, the floral elements made of glass were introduced, following Murano’s tradition. Using fire and the precious knowledge of master artisans, the translucent stool was adorned.


Diameter 37 cm (14.5 in)
Height 48 cm (18.8 in)
Weight 21kg
Cubage 0.06 m3

This part of a limited edition set.