oil painting

craftsman Oficina Santa-Bárbara

designer Joaquim


Floral is a soulful stool which evokes Portuguese Romanticism traditions thanks to its gentle flowers delineated with oil paint over a black background. It marries perfectly ancient painting techniques with contemporary design. The Floral art piece was born from the delicate oil painting, which gives a modern look to floral elements. The challenge of recreating an ancient technique to bring to life an Art stool was proposed to Santa Bárbara’s atelier, renowned in Portugal due to its high quality and detail in painting applied to restoration. Expertise in craftsmanship allowed master artisans to adapt this craft often used in furniture and murals. The result is a masterpiece filled with a unique elegance and detail which can only be achieved by hand craft. Its pictorial quality is remarkable.


Diameter 37 cm (14.6 in)
Height 46.5 cm (18.3 in)
Weight 11kg
Cubage 0.06 m3

This part of a limited edition set.