craftsman Fernando Abreu


Metal Flower is an exquisite stool made of brass in which chiseling, an ancient metalwork technique, was used to hand craft detailed and delicate flowers. Inspired by natural elements, it materializes the merging of traditional knowledge and contemporary design. The Metal Flower art piece was created using the chiseling technique. By the hands of an exceptional master artisans breathtaking and detailed metal flowers were sculpted and applied in the brass base. Chiseled by the delicate yet strong hands of the experienced master artisan, intricate metal flowers bloom. All of them are hand molded. In a brass board, just like magic, the knowledgeable artisan marks the drawings to be sculpted and shaped in metal, using a chisel. Bucolic elements of extreme finesse are born from it and then applied to the final piece. However, it is really hard to adapt the flat brass sheet to the curve shape of the stool, so it was a challenge even for the most proficient craftsmen.


Diameter 37 cm (14.5 in)
Height 44 cm (17.3 in)
Weight 47kg
Cubage 0.06 m3

This part of a limited edition set.