straw work

craftsman Dora

designer Elias Marques and Sérgio Correia


Mabela is a creative stool covered with intricate handcrafted straw patterns which evoke ancestral times in Africa. This ancient technique is impressively modified to fit the contemporary design of the piece. Straw Work is a tradition born in Africa, brought to us from the delicate and experienced hands of Master Dora, who interlaces threads to create wonderful webs. After several long days, the experimental and creative process of trial and error, full of dedication and care, was able to interlace straw in such a way to cover the base stool. Due to Carved’s shape, the challenge was arduous, but not impossible. Innumerous threads were needed to finish this art piece and coat the stool. Persistence and deep knowledge in the field were the secrets that allowed the master artisan to discover how to use straw, keeping its natural look and the piece’s original design.


Diameter 39.5 cm (15.5 in)
Height 49 cm (19.2 in)
Weight 12kg
Cubage 0.07 m3

This part of a limited edition set.