marble sculpture

craftsman Rui/Mármores 2008

designer Almiro Amorim and Ricardo Magalhães


Puzzle is a unique and unusual marble stool inspired by geometrical elements, sculpted by hand. Geometrical elements, with different colors, were chosen, cut, attached together and polished creating an intricate puzzle built by the hands and knowledge of the master able to dominate marble work art. Experienced in the ancient marble work techniques, the artisan accepted the bold challenge of sculpting Erosion design. Over several days, stone parts were chosen, cut and then attached together, multiple fragments which gave uniqueness to the art piece. These small geometrical fragments were sculpted, glued together and polished by hand. Handmade high-quality polish gave the artwork a special glow, a soft and velvety texture.


Diameter 37.5 cm (14.7 in)
Height 44 cm (17.3 in)
Weight 70kg
Cubage 0.06 m3

This part of a limited edition set.